Return to the Soul of Your Child

About the Book

What has made you who you are?

Every life experience, every personal habit you have acquired over time.  As years fly by, acquired patterns, habits seem to have a life of their own.  They become deeply embedded.  Look at your personal matrix and observe it without judgment.  You are who you are because…?  Numerous reasons surround the mystery of who you are.  They are yours to discover!

Look at your acquired matrix with great compassion and stand free of it without judgment.  One of the gifts we can give ourselves if we choose is to become aware of our patterned matrix and reformat it.   Another gift we can give ourselves and everyone else is to become aware of the power of our words, thoughts in resetting our own personal matrix.  If you really become aware, help set the matrix pattern of little souls that follow you into your lives.  Give them the gift of transformational, empowering life messages.  Guide them with temperance but supportive structures as they form their personal matrix.  The words that surround them, the daily life messages they hear embed themselves as their personal truths.

These personal life truths will give them scaffolds upon which they spring board into life.

“Return to the Soul of Your Child” is just one approach to becoming aware of yourself.  There are many ways.  Finding one that is comfortable for you is part of life’s adventure.


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