Mary Olea Mossell Lesher

About the Author

Mary Olea LesherI (Mary Olea  Mossell Lesher) was born in 1948 and was an unremarkable child.  I married very young and with my husband of 46 years raised a family.

I bumped into my musical gift by chance.  My gifts were not recognized when I was young!

Music drove me to school to study it!  I learned to read music in my 30′s.  My CD’s bear testimony to a gift that I love to share!  My book is a call to action.  It is also an invitation to empower yourself to find and cultivate your inner, undiscovered gifts!  We all have gifts of spirit that we can find, cultivate and share!

I became a teacher at the age of 50 years old!  I obtained my master’s degree in education at the age of 60!  I retired from public school teaching at the age of 62!

My book, Return to the Soul of Your Child, of  is based on my master’s study of Support of Student Self-Efficacy In The Public School Classroom – Mary Olea Mossell Lesher 2008.

My music is available on my Graceful Road Music Website and my songs bear a testimony to my love of life!  I was told as a young person, 8 or 9 that I had no musical ability and could not sing!  Oh Well!  Enjoy the CD’s!  The messages are positive.  My compositions have been called “Art Songs” and it has also been said that “they take you on a musical journey and bring you back home again”.